Focus on Live Online

Since a lot of countries are going into (partial) lockdowns, the artists and venues are put in an impossible position. With no possibility to perform for a live audience or have fans/public attending, many performers are forced to return to live online streams. Therefor we will focus on Live Online Streams. If we know of […]

Keeping up to date with this site

I got some questions about the best time to look for events, so let’s get into that. There are currently many venues and online events that get communicated on the day they take place. So it is very well possible that in the morning there are hardly any events for that day, but during the […]

The new rules in Spain – what now?

Since the Spanish government decided on more rules to combat the COVID-19 virus the situation is completely unclear. Nobody really knows what is allowed and what not. Live music seems to be banned, and bars that don’t serve hot meals also must close down? But other sources tell us that the bars can stay open […]